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Mindfuel Organic Veggie Sea Salt Crunches
Your healthy indulgence

Mindfuel Organic Veggie Crunches are proudly produced in Germany with locally sourced vegetables. Our Crunches are a delightful snack that's not only tasty but also health-conscious.

Wholesome and only natural Ingredients: Our Crunches are made with a blend of Peas, Chickpeas, and Sweet Potato Cubes.

Low in Fat: Thanks to our special vacuum frying technology, our Crunches boast 30% less fat compared to traditional snacks.
High in plant-based protein: enjoy local peas and chickpeas, stuck with protein. 

Vibrant Colors: The natural color of our Crunches is a testament to our commitment to pure and wholesome ingredients. No artificial additives, just vibrant, real veggie goodness.