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The ultimate package to keep festival ravers shining bright & fully charged, presenting the Mindfuel x Projekt Glitter ‘Festival Survival Kit’.

The Festival Survival kit is a 3 day snack-&-sparkle strategy to keep your energy levels high & those party looks on point.


The Festival Survival Kit comes with 8 delicious plant-based treats + plant based glitter, aloe-vera glue & eco-brush.

A special daily plan packs in the nutrients that can boost you back to life after all your festival madness. It’s topped up with our special XYZ Eco-Glitter Mix with a natural aloe-vera glue and brush to glitter you & all your festival friends.

All the products are vegan, sustainable and carefully curated to create the perfect compact kit for festivals. Just pop it into your bag and you’re ready to rave! You’ll thank yourself later.

2x Wake Up plant-based puddings + 3 Mid-day vegan treats + 3 Sleep Potions + 1 Bio-Glitter Mix + 1 Aloe-vera glue + Glitter brush


Day 1 : Arrival at the festival

Midday treat: Mindfuel Dark Chocolate Pudding - full of Omega-3 and fiber

Sleep Potion : Golden Glow - calms down and facilitates a good rest

Day 2 : The first morning

Wake Up: Mindfuel Vanilla pudding - packed with stimulating fiber and Omega-3

Midday treat: Mindfuel Crunches BBQ - energizing plant-based proteins

Sleep Potion : Mindfuel Golden Glow - calms down and finally makes you sleep

Day 3 - The last dance

Wake Up: Mindfuel Raspberry Pudding - fruity flavored, full of Omega-3 and fiber

Midday treat: Mindfuel Crunches Seasalt - energize with plant-based protein

Sleep Potion: Mindfuel Golden Glow - helps recover for the big ride home


Gift yourself or your festival partner sparkle and strength with the Festival Survival Kit. You won’t want to do any festivals without it in the future!

Mindfuel x Projekt Glitter: Festival Survival Kit
Mindfuel x Projekt Glitter: Festival Survival Kit
Mindfuel x Projekt Glitter: Festival Survival Kit