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Nothing beats a hot soup for a lunch break or a quick snack, our soup box is the perfect pack to store and travel with. Each soup is a healthy, hearty fix to help maintain energy levels up throughout the day. Quick to prepare and available in deliciously layered flavours to keep your tastebuds excited.


Super Green Soup

Naturally light--but thick enough to be slightly creamy- this soup has a powerful combination of moringa (a social impact, drought-resistant plant), spinach, garlic, basil, and anti-inflammatory ginger. take some time and feed yourself a bowlful of plant power!

Certified organic ingredients: Pea protein, potato, spinach, spices (garlic, onion, basil, ginger, rosemary, black pepper), moringa, coconut milk, almond protein, jaggery, Sicilian smoked sea salt, guar gum (from guar beans).

Tomato & Basil Soup

Fresh tangy juicy tomatoes combined with basil, garlic, herbs and spices blended into a smooth cream. This delicious soup packs a protein punch, bursting with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Deliciously addictive.

Certified organic ingredients: Tomato, pea protein, spices (garlic, basil, oregano, paprika, parsley, onion, chili flakes), almond protein, guar gum (from guar beans), Atlas sea salt.

Indian Curry soup 

Our exotically flavoured Indian Curry soup brings together spicy, salty, tangy, and sweet flavours through the dream team of coconut, turmeric, and chilli. This creamy soup is packed with whole foods and plant protein to keep you moving.

Certified organic ingredients: Pea protein, tomato, coconut milk, pumpkin, spices (turmeric, fenugreek, black pepper, coriander, cumin, chilli), Atlas Sea salt, onion, ginger, guar gum (from guar beans), garlic.

Soup Stay at Home Box
Soup Stay at Home Box
Soup Stay at Home Box