Our Impact

At Mindfuel we want to help change the world

And changing the world starts with us. Our passion for mindful living and plant-based nutrition is as much about empowering health as it is about supporting the health of others and of our planet. But sustainability isn’t only about what goes into our products, sustainability needs to be part of everything we do.

Social: How we have helped others

We have been dedicated to doing what we can to aid communities and individuals who aren't as fortunate as we are, and we want our customers to be part of the social impact we are committed to create. This was how #EATONEFEEDONE was born. For every snack sold, we would donate a meal to someone in need.

Our commitment to give back to the community led us to partner with Welthungerhilfe, one of the most transparent organizations.

What have we done so far?

Sustainability: What this means to us


Do you think dried vegetables and fruits are not sustainable? You are right when you say that drying fruits and vegetables is an energy intensive job. But we also see it like this: people still waste 20% of all their groceries unused. Using dried/dehydrated products increases shelf life many, many times, and may contribute to less wastage of precious foods.

Interestingly, plant-based nutrition itself already has a positive impact to reduce your personal carbon footprint. Whole, plant-based foods provides much greater nutrition relative to their real production cost from seed-to-plate when compared to processed, non-plant-based options. Basically, they have a significantly lower nutrient-to-resource and nutrient-to-emissions ratio. Your carbon footprint shrinks with every plant-based meal you choose. So if we just switch to one plant-based snack a day, together we can start making your dent on the world!


Our vision is to have a completely eco-friendly packaging without compromising on the quality of our product. This is not as easy as it seems and it will take some time but some steps we have already done and others will follow.

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We are always looking for more sustainable options. If you know of a better solution for our pouches (keeping our ingredients fresh) please drop us an email hello@bemindfuel.com