Our Team

It all began with a passion for health, a need to help others, and a goal of inspiring positive change on other people’s lives.

Karishma, originally from India, spent most of her life in Nigeria and Canada—with the contrast of the two unique environments influencing her in different ways.

After studying public health and nutrition in Canada, then doing non-profit work in Africa, her journey brought her back to her roots in India, to the foothills of the Himalayas, working with Tibetan medicine. Being in India, where nature has always been seen as a source of energy and strength, both physically and mentally, complimented her background in public health and nutrition, helping her see nature as a holistic and balanced source of healthy nutrition, strongly backed by scientific evidence.

Karishma founded BeMindfuel to connect the spiritual lifestyle and the scientific parts of nutrition, to connect people who believe in a more infield lifestyle as the basis of a positive attitude throughout all aspects of life.

Together with a strong and very international team, we at BeMindfuel want to have a positive influence on both our own lives and the lives of others.