What the teff?

Discover our teff porridge made out of an ancient gluten-free grain, rich in iron and fibre

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Superfood goodness

Our chia seeds are the ultimate pick me up, rich in zinc, calcium and your daily dose of Omega-3 Guilt-free yumminess

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Soul filling soups

Rich, hearty with 15g of plant protein, our soups are perfect for lunch on the go

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Glow from inside out

Our take on the traditional Indian haldi doodh, anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting

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Coffee, but better

Powerful antioxidant-rich, energy-boosting mushrooms to help you focus and boost energy naturally

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Quick to prepare

Our nutritious packs are super quick to make. For most, just add hot water or plant milk and they will be ready in a few minutes.

Packed with vitamins

Our recipes are meticulously designed with nothing artificial and only include the best quality ingredients that are packed with nutrients and vitamins.  

Made from plant products

All of our products are vegan friendly, made from plant power and whole ingredients keeping those vitamins locked in.

Keeps you full

The right nutritional combination keeps you full, and it’s why our ranges are formulated with the right amount to keep you full for longer.

Travel friendly

Easy to prepare, and made to travel with, whether you’re on a flight, or at work these packs are super light and tightly sealed for freshness.

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