About us


This is why we do, what we do

We believe that everything we consume should nurture, restore and nourish you. It’s strange how that statement sounds a bit yogi-like right? We’re so used to processed foods with no nutritional value, ingredient lists we can barely pronounce, that sometimes saying that out loud feels like an odd reminder, like ‘oh yeah that’s what foods for’.

At least that’s how we felt when we started exploring the convenience food market. It turns out there’s a lot of strange stuff out there, and a lot of companies pretending to be health conscious without backing it up. 

Fed up with the status quo, the lack of tasty healthy alternatives we launched Mindfuel in 2015. 

Mindfulness is defined as the practice of paying attention in the present moment.

Easier said than done though right? But that’s just it, eating should be one of those times you switch off and just enjoy that moment, the flavours, that feeling.



The three ingredients

The reasons we needed to exist is because we couldn’t find all three in any other product. All of our products are designed to be:



2 mins and you’re ready to go


Seriously addictive yumminess 


Packed with the good stuff


What makes you qualified to make healthy food products?


Great question.

We were workaholics, busy, hungry and a bit put off with the vending machine.
Karishma is why we exist. After studying health and nutrition, she went to work in the foothills of the Himalayas, learning about Tibetan medicine. Along with a knowledge of Ayurveda and a holistic, natural approach to food, Karishma wanted to create easy-to-make nutritious snacks for modern life.  

Food is seen as a source of vitality, energy, strength, not just physically but mentally too, and it’s that connection she wanted to bring back. 

Here we are. Scientific research in hand, energizing combinations formulated, simple honest food. No preservatives, no additives, no refined sugar, no complicated ingredient lists. How it should be.


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