We are really happy to announce our collaboration with Welthungerhilfe!
Our commitment to give back to the community led us to partner one of the most transparent organizations. Thanks to Welthungerhilfe, we will invest 10% of our revenues in projects to fight hunger, just like the one in Madagascar, where many families are living in dire poverty. In the southeast of the island, Welthungerhilfe is helping 7,000 families by teaching individuals (with a focus on women) the importance and preparation of healthy food. Once again, we are proud to give back, together with our customers, to those in need.

We believe that everyone can be a better person, not just through our lifestyles, but also how we help those around us. We are dedicated to doing what we can to help those who aren't as fortunate as we are. Thus, #EATONEFEEDONE was born. For every snack we sell, together with you, we donate a meal to someone in need.

Being a better person is not limited to what we eat, but also how we help others and the world around us. One way to do this is by being involved in aiding communities. We want our customers to be part of the social impact we are committed to create - improving not only our lives, but the lives of those around us. 


Okay, but what have we done so far? A lot!

  • We partnered with Bancos de Alimentos Peru during April and May 2015. Along with our amazing customers at MarkthalleIX Berlin, we were able to donate EUR 200, which was used to purchase food--about 600 children and adults benefited everyone's generosity! 
  • As most of you know, we are based in Berlin and from here we supported a United Nations startup in its early days: ShareTheMeal. We have been donating EUR 40 cents per snack we sell, and together with all of our Mindfuel lovers, we have made a huge effort and achieved a goal of 430 meals donated through the World Food Programme. All of you who have eaten our snacks out there have helped donate more than 1000 meals via ShareTheMeal since May!
  • Welthungerhilfe has received multiple awards for its high standards in transparency and quality. They measure their work by those standards and ensure the greatest possible controls. We not only want to be as transparent as possible for our customers to know where they money they have donated is being used, and this is extremely important for us because we ourselves want to see the individual impact of our donations. Since we started supporting WHH in July, we have donated 830 meals to date!